What Makes BlipNow Unique

Don’t Limit Yourself

Choosing the right type of application to use is as hard and confusing as choosing a restaurant to eat at. There is usually an overwhelmingly large number of providers of similar services. But that does not mean you should be overwhelmed by all the choices. Keep in mind that each of these providers have added their own unique touch to their product, so you just have to dig a bit deeper to actually see which one fits your needs better.

Closer to The Feature Than Ever Before

Currently, products with a visionary outlook are the most popular ones on the market. Ever since 1927 with the release of Metropolis movie, we have started envisioning a feature with robots. While the robot version of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie is to bring doom upon human being, in reality robots are increasingly turning into our personal assistants. So successful software products have also joined this vision by incorporating benign and multi-purposeful personal assistants called bots. Slack and Telegram are two of the leading software applications in this technology.


Telegram which is a messaging application with an effective end-to-end encryption has been gaining rapid popularity over the past few years. Among many cool socializing tools such as Telegram groups, and Telegram channels, this application has made the user experience smarter than before by adding Telegram bots. Their API allows other developers to build a bot for their application and provide automated services of their respective product.


This cloud-based proprietary instant messaging platform has been offering many creative solutions since 2013. Majority of companies worldwide are using this application for in-company communication not just because of its awesome messaging UI and almost all file format transmission support but also because of features such as Slack bots and apps. Like Telegram, other relevant software applications can use Slack API to enable users to add their app or bot to their Slack workspaces.


The world today is an ever-expanding network with no barriers. Improvements are rapid and opportunities vast. Staying connected is the essence of the fast-paced modern life to get the most out of the new developments that are gaining an ever-increasing momentum. That is where BlipNow comes into play.

This push notification application is a revolutionary technology in the field of communications with the promise to make community establishment and maintenance easier than before. BlipNow’s team has stayed true to their promise by meticulously choosing new means of communication that are not offered by any other push notification application.

Having been reviewed and approved by Slack and Telegram, BlipNow users can now add BlipNow bot to their two favorite messaging platforms to get the most out push notifications. Notification publishers can rest assured that by using BlipNow they would never fall behind the evolving trends of the communication filed and their content would reach their audience in the most effective manner.

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