The Golden Age of Multi-channeling

We live in a fast paced world with changing needs and expectations. For growing businesses, it becomes vital to keep up with this speed and even try to get ahead of it. Notifications are the fastest way to reach out to consumers to ensure their engagement retainment. The multi-channeling strategy for sending notifications exponentially increases the chance of reaching the right audience helping the business to thrive among myriads of competitors.

One Campaign Many Branches

Notifications are enjoying a growing popularity among the new generation of consumers; according to a survey by Responsys, seventy-six percent of users aged 18 to 34 enable their push notifications. No wonder why push notification applications have also gained an increasing popularity. But hey, like a wise man said with great power comes great responsibility, right?


The responsibility of push notification applications is to make the investment of the users’ worth it. These powerful tools enable you to send your notifications across multiple communication channels simultaneously. This is like your mom calling you down for dinner, but instead of having to scream her lungs out while you have your headset on playing an online game, she sends you a notification and since you have enabled web push you’ll see “come down to dinner honey” pop into view at the bottom of your screen. You are happy because you are notified in the most convenient way, your mom is happy because she does not have to injure her windpipe anymore, and your dad is happy because eventually he would have been the one who had to come up to your room. So, multi-channeling is the way to retain user’s attention. They already like receiving notifications, give them multiple options for communication channels so they will like it even more, in more professional words, improve CX. BlipNow is the only push notification application that has gone the extra mile in multi-channeling by adding Telegram and Slack in addition to web push, mobile push, email, and SMS to the available communication channels in the app. In fact, they have gone the extra two miles by also developing a user friendly mobile application that can be used both by community admins and followers for sending and receiving notifications.


Personalization is another important asset when it comes to enhancing CX. In fact, when it’s done right the success of the business is almost guaranteed. Forester concluded that 77% of customers have chosen, recommended or even paid more for brands that offer personalized service or experience. So, the other responsibility of push notification applications is to provide you with the right tools so you can personalize your notifications. Effective personalization requires accurate insight about the consumers. This is essential specially to avoid common personalization blunders. The best practice for making your notification personalized is to know when and how your audience likes to be notified. Push notification applications provide Analytics and automation tools for the same purpose.

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level by finding consumers rather than waiting to be found? Read more about why BlipNow push notification application is the brand new technology suitable for all users to expand their communities.

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