Send a Notification in 3 Simple Steps

The downside of most push notification applications is their complicated tools for composing and sending notifications. That is because these products are mainly developer targeted. But BlipNow team has a different vision about the future of communications. The need to stay in touch with your community is an ever increasing need which has become an essential part of our lives. BlipNow’s vision is to simplify communication for all communities, from small to big and from tech to non-tech.

Choose your audience and channels

Your whole community? A new phone number or email address that is not already in your followers? At the first step of the message composition tool you get to choose your audience. A cool functionality at this step is that you can group up the contact information of rolex daytona replica the audience you have chosen so that later you can easily retarget the same group. On the same page you can also choose the channels you want to send your notification through. For instance, you may want to only send the notification to your followers on Telegram. Choosing the right communication channel allows you to have more accurate analytics providing you with a better insight about the engagement of your followers.

Target audience segments and schedule notifications

From automatic cars to automatic notification sending. Anything automatic is bound to franck muller replicas be smart and trust-worthy. BlipNow offers some highly effective automation tools to both further assists simplifying notification sending and make the process smarter. It includes scheduling which has become an indispensable functionality in almost all message composition tools like Gmail and Telegram. The tag trigger allows you to retarget previous messages that were sent with the same tag and use them as a template to automatically set the settings and fill the content. Activity, Registration Date, and Session Count triggers enable smart targeting of specific group of followers to improve their engagement with the community.

Compose your notification and make it interactive using advanced options

Notifications have enjoyed a rapidly increasing popularity among many message distributors especially marketers. This popularity arises from the autonomous nature of these messages which allows them to pop up on the followers’ devices when the publisher sends them. That is why many features have been added to these messages to insure a better audience engagement. These features include images, buttons, and notification sound. In BlipNow’s message composition tool all these settings can be configured based on your preferences. Images improve the aesthetic aspect of your notifications and the more attractive the notification the higher the probability of user engagement. Buttons add an interactivity aspect to your notifications, in other words this feature would enable you to conduct a quick and simple survey. Lastly, notification sound customization allows your notifications to stand out and capture the followers’ attention more effectively. The one distinguishable tool that makes BlipNow special among other similar applications is the capability to attach all file formats to notifications. Notification receivers can download the files using BlipNow’s mobile application.

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