All in the same platform!

BlipNow is an all in one platform push notification application where users can create their own communities and add the contact details of the members of their communities. Community admins can send notifications to their members using different communication channels. These channels include, mobile push, web push, SMS, email, and Slack.

As a community admin you can either use BlipNow’s default settings for different channels or modify these settings to send notifications through your own website, mobile application, and/or email server.

Telegram has been placed among the most popular global mobile messaging apps in 2019 by With end-to-end encryption and flexible functionalities for messaging Telegram offers a secure and a highly satisfying user experience so, BlipNow has decided to add Telegram to the communication channels available in the application for sending notifications. Users can sign in to their Telegram account from the settings page of their following Blip communities to automatically add BlipNow bot to their Telegram account and start receiving the respective community's notifications.

Slack integration allows you to connect your BlipNow account with Slack. As a community admin you would be able to send DMs to those followers of yours who are also in your Slack Workspace.

Once you have created a Blip Community, in the settings of your community you can add BlipNow App into your Slack workspace. Now you can send DMs to your community’s followers.

To get push notifications, your followers should integrate Slack account in their profile page in BlipNow, using Sign in to Slack button so that they would be receiving the notifications sent through BlipNow as Slack DMs.