All in the same platform!

Web Push

Do you have a website?

Do people spend on average 6 hours online each day?

Have you integrated BlipNow with your website?

Send web push so your followers receive your messages on phone or on pc as long as they are online.

Happy connected community.

Mobile Push

Mobile apps are just like your friends. They are there to help you when you need them and to share good memories with you. Just like good friends, mobile apps find ways to remind you of themselves. That is why push notifications have a very important place in the client and app relationship. When you pick up your phone you see their notifications as the first thing on the screen. Whether you are using BlipNow’s mobile application or have integrated BlipNow’s API with your own application, you can use mobile push notifications as the easiest and the fastest way to reach out to your Blip community.


Have you been using spread sheet to manage your long list of email addresses by any chance? Or perhaps you have been forwarding the same email to everyone until your audience transferred your emails to the spam folder. Well you can never know when you are not using a powerful management tool like BlipNow. Pick the target audience of your emails, automate and schedule, customize your emails with flair by adding HTML templates, and send your email to the right people at the right time.


Work like pros, stay connected like pros. You are a member of a professional team using Slack. At the same time, you have a membership at a gym that uses BlipNow to send important notifications to the members. Your time after work is important and valuable so you would not want to miss out on an important notification. Connect your Slack account to your gym’s Blip community to start receiving the gym’s news through Slack to help you to stay at the top of your game.


From Telegraph to Telegram, from Morse Code to Data Encryption. We have come a long way for making human communication easier and safer. All because of one simple reason, we are social beings. BlipNow has marked yet another milestone in the endeavor to bring people closer to one another. We have brought all the best innovations in the field of communication technologies together. Telegram has become one of the safest and the most widespread messaging applications. So BlipNow’s team reckoned it only essential to enable Blip community admins to reach out to their followers through this application.