Advanced Analytics Tools

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The analytics tool gives a 360∘ overview of your Blip community by providing information such as your followers’ geolocation, their interaction with the community, and the delivery status of notifications through each channel.

Subscribers by Country

Knowing the geolocation of your Blip community’s followers is an essential key for notification. You would have a better understanding of your target languages and you would be able to localize the content of your notifications. Personalization is one of the best practices of increasing audience engagement.

Success & Failure Rate

The success and the failure rates of notifications’ delivery through each communication channel elaborate the effectiveness of each channel. So, the admins can detect problems and make good use of each channel.

Session Distribution

Engagement with the community and Notifications statistics are complimentary tools to Automation tools provided in the app. Having knowledge about the time that most followers open notifications throughout the day allows admins to use the scheduling tool more effectively. Also, the number of opened notifications compared to the overall number of sent notifications illustrates the success of the community’s content.